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An Affordable Solution,
For Small To Medium Structures!

Some other software can perform the same task, and sometimes even more. Unfortunately, this often comes with a significant level of complexity and can be priced at over 10 times the cost of Align-IT.

Additionally, Align-IT has been meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow. This translates to an affordable and remarkably user-friendly solution, ready to accompany you in all your live shows.


Record your speakers and select the reference speaker for comparison.


Obtaining the delay and distance between the sources is just one click away!

Introductory Price! Introductory Price!

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Simple, Accurate...

AlignIT records noise through your speakers and computes the delay time between them, allowing you to report this delay to the PA system.

The delay is calculated using a signal correlation algorithm. Different noises can be employed based on the environment, particularly in situations where reverberating concert halls can introduce phase issues. Adapting the test signal to these scenarios is crucial.

To further reduce phase-related problems that are more likely to occur at lower frequencies, you have the option to adjust the high-pass filter (HPF) when recording the speakers. This results in even more robust delay calculations.

A Clever Interface, An Easy Access

When working live, you seldom have the time to recall the location of a specific function… Is it in this menu? Perhaps in this sub-window? No… With AlignIT, it’s simple and right in front of you! Leading market offerings might offer a plethora of functions and utilities, ideal for in-depth analysis. However, deep explorations and discoveries aren’t always feasible due to time constraints.

With AlignIT, it’s as easy as one click to record, one click to compute, and you’re done!

Handle Temperature Changes

In larger venues, temperature can quickly become critical for the speed of sound and dispersion. Align-IT takes temperature into account when setting up the venue and provides projected results based on your temperature predictions for showtime.

You also have the option to retain the measurements and initiate a new computation if the temperature during the show doesn’t match your expectations. This enables you to fine-tune your processors in real time using fresh delay values.

Analyse Your System

On top of the regular delay operations, Align-IT offers a powerful spectrum analyser to set your system to taste with a full set of tools:

– Fast and Slow live spectrum curves
– Collection of spectrums for venue comparison
– Split view, zoom, etc…
– 31 and 15 eq bands marking and logarithmic scale
– Curve, Bars, and Dots mode
– Slope, auto-center, Buffer size, smoothing (1/12 to 1 octave)
– Export screenshot

Export Your Result

Once you have accurately calculated the appropriate delay settings for your sound system, you can proceed to export the results. Align-IT provides the option to export the data in both .csv and .txt formats as required, should you need to keep a backup or simply bring the settings with you to the PA processors.

Limit The Distance, Limit The Computation Time

On older machines, signal correlation can be resource-intensive in terms of processor cycles. The SELECTION slider allows you to limit the computation area based on the size of your venue. There’s no need to search for a delay corresponding to 100 meters when your speakers are separated by a maximum of 10 meters.

You also have the option to adjust the PRECISION to further save on CPU usage. This is particularly useful when conducting initial tests on a system to obtain swift results. Once you’ve finalised the configuration of the recording microphone to your liking, simply adjust the PRECISION to a higher level for more accurate results if needed.

Introductory Price! Introductory Price!

Buy Align-IT now and save  40% 

169.00  99.00 




– Standalone


– macOS Universal Binary (Intel & M1+ compatible)
– Windows


– Audio Interface
– Microphone

Full License:

– 1 Computer
– Lifetime

Demo License:

– 30 days