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Align your PA System / Main Speakers delay



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Align-IT analyses the signals
from different sources in one click!



The engine takes into account the temperature at showtime in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and provides results in both metric and imperial distances. Most importantly, it calculates the necessary delay to properly configure your PA system (Public Address).

A phase issue? We've got you covered!

Set aside your measuring tape and calculator,
and let Align-IT handle the task of delivering the figures for you!

Quickly tune the sweet spot of any sound diffusion configuration.
From small concert halls to big venues,
from small theatres to complex surround systems,
Align-IT will compute the delay between the different sources.

Aligning your main speakers with delay lines
cannot possibly be easier!

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Record it... Compute it... ALIGN IT!!!

Free the ToneWheel!

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